Aucklands past, present and future facts


In the past there used to be a golf course on the side of One Tree Hill called Maungakiekie golf course. Royalty even played golf there. One Tree hill was a major tourist sighting because of the famous one tree. A Maori protester cut the tree mostly down, people tried to save it with all sorts of things.


Now days there is a monument where the one tree was, the man who cut it down regrets doing so. On top of One Tree Hill is a great place to see a amasing view of the city. Their is a man who plants lots of trees on the hill, there is a 1 in 9 chance that any tree on the hill is his. This very hill is still famous today.


In the future I think the goverment will want to make a massive tourist attraction and turn One Tree Hill into a hobbit hole like thing. Many people will go visit there and think it's amasing.In the future the government is going to stop people from driving up One Tree Hill. When flying cars are around I think they will put slits in the hill so it is like a heleport for flying cars.